Obsess Your Way to Success

What an amazing weekend I had! It has been really busy in my world, with coaching and massage clients, working on my book, writing articles and blogs, and all the work I am putting into creating new, exciting programs for you guys! I haven’t had much time in between, but was fortunate to have scheduled a long weekend to hang out with some good friends in the windy city. We had a blast catching up, ate a lot of great food (including Chi town pizza!), took an adventure down Rt. 66, and even had some down time too! A very much needed long weekend!

One of the conversations that we had at dinner was all about success and what makes an individual have that “IT” factor. A common theme that we all agreed on was that most successful people are totally involved in their industries. They immerse themselves and maybe even obsess their way to success. I can totally relate…I know I have had many a night staying up til 2 am working on creative material or mastering some tech on my website! Sometimes I feel a little nutty staying up so late, but it is something that has to get done in my world to grow to the next level!

I find this topic fascinating. Watch today’s video to dive a little deeper in this area!

What areas of your life do you want to be successful in and how will you “obsess” about it? Please share in the comments below!

Although the weekend was fantastic, I am glad to be back..they don’t call it the windy city for nothing! Brrr!!

Have a fantastic week!! xo

How to Handle Rejection Gracefully

It has been a whirlwind week! I am still on a high from my Huffington Post article being published! Whoo Hoo!

But, not everything always goes as planned and today’s post is all about being rejected. UGGGH!

I remember one of the first times I was rejected. It was in 3rd grade and I really liked this boy named Brett. In my mind, he was my one and only!

But Brett didn’t see me like that…in fact Brett didn’t see me at all. (How dare he!!) I felt completely rejected and totally heart broken.

Ah, young love! But even though this moment stung, I learned from it. I learned how to heal a broken heart and gained a better sense of who I was. I learned that I didn’t need a boy to make me happy and that all the happiness I needed all came from within. I got over him, and I survived!

Rejection is not fun…but it is a part of life and a part of our journey. Watch today’s video to learn how to handle rejection gracefully! (Bonus-You will learn a little about my pageant days too!)

How will you handle the challenges of rejection? Will you choose to internalize it or will you handle it gracefully? Share your story in the comments below!

Have a fantastic week! Stay mindful and stay present!



ps- I wonder what happened to that kid Brett…he was pretty cute! :)

Visualize the Prize!

Today’s Mindful Chat focuses on the power of visualization and how it can get you what you want. I share some exciting news as to how I used visualization to help get my article published on the Huffington Post! (Whoot Whoot!) It’s a powerful tool that you can use to create your reality and easy to bring into your daily routine.

What’s the BIG thing that you want that you can visualize? Share in the comments below!

Have a fantastic day! I would be so grateful if you checked out my debut post on the Huffington Post and share…on a mission to bring modern mindfulness to the masses!

Until next time…stay mindful, stay present,