How to Create Happiness Part 4 by Chaz Malewski

Happy October!! I’m kinda getting excited for the fall months, pumpkins, boots, and knit hats…yay!!

It has been a pleasure working with Chaz and having him guest blog the past 4 weeks. This week’s post focuses on an area that is important to all of us, including me, and that is love. I believe in love as a key to happiness, starting with the love that you have with yourself.

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Today, I’m going to use a four-letter word that may come as an insult to some, a joke to others, and a common vocabulary term for the rest.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to offend anyone by using this word.


The word is…..


Now, I know this may come as a surprise to some people but the truth of the matter (the matter being happiness) is that you cannot ever have happiness without love.

Go ahead, think about it.

I want you to list all of the references of love in your life and think about how happy each of them make you. They may also make you crazy, but you know that it’s worth it because you couldn’t live without them.

Some people will challenge me on this and claim that it’s possible to be happy without love, but I firmly disagree. And I will tell you why.

Ever since we were born, we’ve been loved. In fact, we needed this emotional bond in order to grow and live. Our mothers had no choice but to love us directly after childbirth, or we would die.

As we grew up, we gained love from multitudes of people; friends, family, significant others, teachers, coaches, you name it. More importantly, we valued the love of these people so much that we would continuously try and receive more. And with all of their love came differing feelings or modes of happiness, because the love was expressed in different ways.

Family tends to express their love sentimentally and will do things for you or say things to you to prove their love and show you how much they care. We feel their love.

Friends like to have each other’s backs and let the other person know that they will always be there for them, no matter what; that’s another form of love.

Teachers and coaches want us to continuously improve and develop as individuals. They take time out of their schedules to help us and serve us. We may not see this as love while we’re being yelled at on a playing field or sent to detention, but the love is there.

Our significant others want to be our shoulder to cry on and give us that romantic connection and butterfly feeling in the pits of our stomachs. They want to be the source of our smile and love us unconditionally.

Whatever your example of love in your life is, it is undeniable that it also brings you a great amount of happiness. If we went through our lives void of some kind of love, nothing we did would matter.

To put this very bluntly: alone, we are insignificant.

We serve no purpose doing things for only ourselves if it is not benefitting another life as well. The reason we’re on this earth is to procreate; that’s very difficult to do alone (I’d say impossible, but science is crazy these days). Think about it, our one job is to love someone else enough to create a new human being, or to create that new human being and love it with all we have, regardless of how it was conceived.

A.k.a we NEED love in our lives for our lives to matter!

A life without love is a life without happiness. And a life without happiness is no life at all.

So, take a moment some time soon to visit with someone you love. As you’re with them, feel the love, but feel the happiness as well. Let them know how much you cherish them and they will reciprocate.

What’s the key to being happy, then?

Well, if you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you’ll know that there are four keys, or tenets, to being truly happy.

Keep your mindset positive and productive in all of life’s scenarios. Remember, you are in total control of your thoughts.

Surround yourself with an empowering environment.

Chase your passions every single day.

Love and be loved.

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Until next time, I hope you all live a very happy and fulfilling life!



You are amazing Chaz, thank you for all that you do!

Have a great week everyone, next week you will begin to see some shifts as I start to prepare you for the launch of my book. Stay tuned!!

Until next time, stay mindful, stay present,

Love, Melissa

How to Create Happiness Part 3 by Chaz Malewski

Hello beautiful people! I am sending you so much love and good energy today! Before I present to you part 3 of Chaz Malewski’s series of How to Create Happiness, can I just say how much I love this guy? He is such and amazing and beautiful soul, with so much insight and heart. I’m blessed to call him my friend.


So here is part 3 of How to Create Happiness focusing on the tenet of passion!!

It is undeniable that passion is what causes that spark in our lives. Passion gives us a reason to wake up in the morning and keeps us up late at night.

Passion is a beautiful thing and, when fully realized, can lead to great fulfillment.

But while passion lives in some areas, it may not be found in others. This loss of balance can lead to stress and other unpleasant emotions.

Can you remember back to a time where everything seemed to be going great? There were barely any worries, your relationship was phenomenal, money was flowing left and right; the world just seemed to spin for you.

Undoubtedly, there was an abundance of passion in all of those areas of your life. In other words, you loved who you were, at the job you were at, while being with the person that you loved most. This passion made you feel a certain way; it gave you a reason to go through your day with a wide smile painted on your face.

I remember a very significant time in my life where this situation was evident: my senior year of high school. I was king of the world then. I was captain of the football team, I was in a great relationship, my grades were excellent, I already had a scholarship to college, and my social life was roaring. I was the happiest guy in school.

And then one day, out of nowhere, it happened. Life decided to crash my party.

My senior year of college was awful. My relationship ended in a very painful and emotionally traumatic way. I lost my love for football (the reason for my scholarship). I felt like I had no greater purpose in life and that all I had done in the past was a waste. All of that beautiful bliss I was experiencing months prior had long since faded. I was stripped of passion.

These events led to heavy drinking and depression.

I went through months in a haze, trying my best to live but never feeling alive.

I eventually transferred schools and came back closer to home. I was not happy yet, but it was a start. I knew I had to do something that would give me some semblance of passion again, so I went back to my roots. I looked into sports.

Knowing I was too small (and unmotivated) for the football team, but wanting to get back into contact sports, I joined the Rugby team. On the very first day of practice, something incredible happened.

Boom! Passion.

I was enthralled. I loved everything about the sport, the camaraderie among players,

the growth potential, and the coaching. I wanted to fully throw myself into it, and I did. I played for a full year until I had to quit due to health concerns posed by the sport (it’s a rough game).

This upset me because my passion was being taken from me. The difference now was that I knew how to get my passion back. I had to seek out the things that drove me to be better. The things that gave me a reason to be excited for the day and keep me up late at night researching.

Now, I am full of passion for what I do. I am totally happy because I know I am meant for this and I will be instrumental in helping so many people improve their lives. I am constantly being driven to be better and learn more about myself, causing me to grow in ways that I never imagined.

So, my advice for happiness this week is simply this: chase your passions.

We all have differing passions and dreams we want fulfilled. We are doing ourselves a great disservice by ignoring them or making them out to be fantasy.

Life is about doing the things you enjoy and savoring every moment of our limited time on Earth. Spend your time wisely by investing it in activities or ventures that ignite that spark inside of you. Don’t wait for the perfect time to chase your passion, it will never come. Seek out your passion now and throw yourself into it fully! I know for a fact you will bring more happiness into your life by doing so.

Join me next week as I cover the fourth and final tenet of happiness: Love.

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Until next time, stay mindful, stay present,

Love, Melissa

How to Create Happiness Part 2 By Chaz Malewski

Hello my friends! Hope you are having a super fantastic week! Please send good energy and vibes to my friend Chaz today, as he is participating in a Firewalking Instructor Training certification this week! I am super excited for him to take this step on his journey of self-discovery and empowerment! Please visit Chaz’s website and subscribe to his newsletter for updates on health, fitness, and other great stuff!


Here is Part 2 of his series: How to Create Happiness, focusing on Environment!

Does your place of residence bring you happiness? How about your neighborhood or neighboring cities?

Are your friends supportive of your desires and contribute to your well-being?

If your environment is not conducive to your wishes, then you may have a very difficult time finding happiness.

Where you live can largely impact your emotions. If you follow the news, you will often hear of multiple crimes in cities such as Wilmington, DE or Philadelphia, PA. If you live in one of these cities or have relatives there, your emotions are exposed to the impact of these crimes.

If, however, you lived in Scottsdale, AZ (which has the lowest crime rate in America), you probably wouldn’t worry too much about getting shot on your way home from work.

Obviously these are exaggerated examples, but they prove that your environment can either negatively or positively impact your emotional state and happiness.

Look for the beauty in your surroundings. If you live in a rough neighborhood, this is the way I see it: you either move away or you seek out the benefits of living in such an area. Like we covered last week, your focus will play a role in your happiness, so focus on the good of your environment. Where there is bad there is always an opposite good.

The point is that if you are living in an area that depresses you, you will have a difficult time finding true happiness unless you work for it. Do not let your surrounding environment hold you back from the things you deserve.

Your social circle and family also count towards your environment.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Take a minute to think about the five people you spend the most time with. Maybe they are friends? Maybe family? Whoever they are, I want you to think of their qualities and characteristics.

Are they often optimistic and smiling? Or do they normally come to you with complaints and negativity?

The longer you are exposed to an environment, or a person, the more you will begin to adopt the accompanying traits.

I lived with two of my best friends for two years. I love these guys to death and would do anything for them. But they normally did nothing but complain and procrastinate. After a while, I found myself acting the exact same way they were.

Who you spend time with will greatly influence your level of happiness.

Don’t cut out your friends and family completely; that’s ridiculous. Instead, become more aware of how the people in your life are affecting you. Spend less time with the ones that bring you down and more time with the ones that support you.

I guarantee taking note and making adjustments in your environment will dramatic transform your life for the better.

Join me again next week when I cover happiness tenet 3: Passion.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how your environment influences your happiness. Please comment below! Don’t forget to visit Chaz’s website; he has tons of great stuff coming up this year!!

Until next time, stay mindful and stay present,

Love, Melissa